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With no lights on, brake lights up all rear lights?

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This is going to be a dumb question, I've never actually looked at the back of the car when the brakes are on and the running lights are off...Can someone confirm that this is normal, when all the lights are off and brakes are depressed, both the brake light and the surrounding rear running light (fancy red diffused led) light up too. Is that normal? I like it, because daytime stopping is much more visible, but I'm just dumbfounded that I've had the car a year and didn't realize this was going on back there.
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I just noticed it yesterday after reading this...

If I get rear-ended someone is gonna have some splainin' to do!
Yeah, tell me how you didn't see all that red! Thanks all for confirming this is both normal, and that I wasn't the only one that didn't realize this until recently.
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We can all go to the loony bin together!
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