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Here's a first for the board (I think)!.
Hour drive to work. Beautiful day in KC. Car sat in morning sun 4 hours. Went through car wash with hand dry. 10 minutes later noticed crack on passenger side of windshield moving vertically and then horizontally about 12" in total length.

Car wash, of course, denies any culpability; but it is hard to see how they might be at fault, in any case.

So. If I must replace the windshield, do board members have any recommendations as to windshield repair/replacement service centers? Safelight is the national chain in town.

Thanks all.

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Just insist on OEM quality replacement wind shield glass. It should be solar glass and sound deadening glass just like the original.
My last car had a small stone chip on the wind shield, really small. Then after about 3 or 4 car washes it did the same as yours and cracked a long ways.
Your insurance should pay for replacement. I asked the dealership for a company to replace it with real KIA glass. They told me who would do that
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