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Windshield Needs Replacement

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So some ******* cracked my windshield overnight the other day and it cant be fixed so a replacement is needed. Do you all know of any sound places to get this done? I really want OEM quality work done.
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I had a leak in the seal for the windshield, went though the dealership, and they had a 3rd party come in to install it after they ordered the OEM. Of course this was all warrantee work, but if you have comprehensive coverage you should be able to get the insurance to cover it even with an OEM. But that said, start by calling the dealership, see if they have a windshield 3rd party installer, and then call him and ask for the OEM.
I have a similar thing right now except mine is hail damage. Webbing that is close to the edge so Safelite can't repair. I would call safelite as well, I've heard good things about them, never used though. I would make sure you could get OEM though.
I don't have any experience with this ever happening - but I'd call your insurance company to see if you have any options that may benefit you.
I have had a few glass breaking in my time I am not 100% sure that glass requires OEM in fact is there a difference if there is I never noticed it . My comprehensive covered it with unfortunately me paying the deductible .The worse part was clearing out all the glass pieces .Although the glass company got most I still found the odd piece years later
I had the windshield replaced on mine. Safelite was the company who did it and they got 3rd party glass per Gieco. The installer had a hard time mounting the electronics because the glue didn't hold the mounts to the windshield. They ended up getting an OEM replacement and installed that instead.
Yea So safelite did do the repairs, I had them put an OEM one in because there's no way I was going for an aftermarket one.
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