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What does US 2014 Cadenza Luxury get over Premium/Tech Base Model?

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What does the 2014 Luxury model add over the Premium model with Luxury and Tech packages ? US model
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You mean the Limited over the lux, right? Lane departure and the rear side detection for backing I believe. LED Fogligh housing, The special glass that repels water consistently...the electronic parking brake vs mechanical pedal...that's the stuff that comes to mid. But if you go to Kia's website it lays it out pretty good with the 2015, cars are identical to the 2014 I'm pretty sure...
Also adaptive cruise control. That is if you were wanting to know what is different from Premium with Tech to Limited (SXL). It's just these few "safety enhancements". I didn't personally want any of them except LED fogs, possible adaptive cruise, and hydrophobic glass would've been nice. But I didn't want to pay the premium. I can get the LED fogs for $50 and put rain-x in the washer fluid for a LOT less.
Thanks - it's all very confusing...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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