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Luxury and tech package

I got the Luxury and tech package. I ***** about a lot of the little things wrong, or left off the car, but love the car. The things I really like are the adaptive cruise, set my speed and the car stays that speed, slows for slow cars speeds back up and will even stop the car if there is a stopped car.
another thing I like is the adaptive headlights. they change where the lights are aimed if a car is coming toward me and follow the steering around corners. didn't think that would make much difference, boy was I wrong
I have the blue cadenza with the beige interior, replaced the window switch surrounds with the wood grain surrounds. well worth the change.
I will give one word of advice on that watch which surrounds kia sends you. The first ones I received only had one switch hole , for windows none for the seat heaters. this is the surrounds that go in the Korean version as there rear seat heater switches are on the rear center console. watch what they send you and send them back if the wrong ones
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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