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We're #2!!!

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Just saw this on the CNN Money page. Didn't realize that Cadenza is a "Large Car", but what do I know?

Large car Chrysler 300 - Korean cars earn top quality rank - J.D. Power - CNNMoney
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The Cadenza is classed as a "full size" sedan, making it a "large" car. In theory the only thing above our car is luxury class sizes. Always hated the 300.
One of my colleagues drives a fully loaded 300 and flat out agrees my Cadenza SXL is much nicer than his car. I wonder what considered for the ranking?
Likely sales and customer feedback got the ranking. Probably 3-4 times more 300's sold then Cadenzas, not to mention a lot more then just 2 years worth, so they are all around.
Way more 300's, 2014 alone they sold over 53k, but since 2004 they've sold over 870,000

While kia in almost 3 years has just crested over 21000 Cadenza's
Kia Cadenza Sales Figures - GOOD CAR BAD CAR
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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