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I have an extra set of Weathertech floor mats (Front and Rear) for the 2014 Cadenza. They're black and brand new in the box. Retail is $196 shipped. I'm asking $150 including ground shipping to the US. Obviously I don't need two sets. PM me if you're interested.

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I can pull them out of the box and take pics after work today.
I have the weathertechs and they are great...
Yes they definitely are, these are the best in the business. We carry these on our website as well.
Do you still have them? Interested.
Do you still have them? Interested.
Yes sure do.
If you do buy/sell them can you post it in here so this stops being asked? Lol
A lot of people ask if I still have them, but when I respond I never hear another word from them. Yes I STILL have them. I don't check the forum very often, sorry. PM me if you're truly interested.
Just PM'd you about them Passive. I also put in my cell #. I will update this if transaction goes through so that people stop asking :)
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Just so people will stop asking, I just sent payment to Passive for them. THEY ARE MINE NOW NONE OF YOU CAN HAVE THEM! :D And just in time for the cold months
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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