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Weak Rear Defroster?

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Does anyone else think the rear defroster in the Cadenza is weak? I had mine running this morning to get a really thin layer of frost to go away and I didn't see any progress on making it go away until after it shut itself off (15 mins?). Even then it was only areas near the actual heated lines that was gone a little, still had frost when I pulled into the garage at work. Does this happen to anyone else or have you guys noticed?
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I haven't had anything but a bit of fog/frost so far and it works as well as any other car I've owned. What your describing though...that doesn't sound right to me. Personally, I'd see if it does it again and then take it to the dealer to have them check it out.
It worked kinda ok-ish this morning for the snow on my car, but that's about it, OK. Anyone know a decent way to test this with actual quantitative measurements and not my qualitative "meh"?
I agree. The rear defroster in my last car was stronger. This one takes very long to warm up.
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