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VIDEO 2014 Kia Cadenza test 0 to 220

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I'm seeing a ton of Cadenza videos out of the middle east,, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi. Here's one that was in Kuwait 0 to 220 kph ( 137 miles per hour ).

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Top speed here in the states depends on the tune // I've seen some set to 154 MPH and I have seen some set to 163 MPH. This parameter can be removed if you know someone at the dealership. :). Going to post some more videos if I find them.
Here's another one, 253kph = 157mph

I noticed both videos had a flashing orange 120km light when they reached that speed. Is it a speed warning limit set at the factory? I don't recall seeing anything about this warning light in the manual. Now I'll have to go double-check if we have something like that for the US and what ours is set at - not that I'll likely be hitting it anytime soon around here. I'm guessing seat belts aren't going to do much for you either at those speeds.
Yep so apparently the foreign design models do at 120 kph ( 75 mph ). I'm not sure if the US models do or not. I bought mine in March and started playing with it right away including flashing the PCM / ECU. I didn't remove the VSS, or top end limiter parameter but I did see it on the screen at 163 mph. I talked to my friend who is a tech for KIA, and he told me there are two variants one at 154 and one at 163. Not sure what the difference is but I'm guessing tires ( SPEED RATING ). Only thing I see is 18 versus 19. In my opinion the 18s perform better, and of course the 19s look better. This car seems to have a lot of wheel hop in sharp turns, the 19s seem to make that worse. I have an Escort Passport MAX,,, it has a speed warning on it, at 95mph ,,,,, LOL I'd be pissed if every time I got to 75 it went off.
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Have you figured out how to shut down the agree screen on the nav
speed kills

The blinking light is the seat belt warning?
Not that the seat belt would help at that speed
Worst case is a tire failure at that speed is fatal seen many times on high speed car crash videos on youtube
when tire blows everything disintegrates!
The newer map versions automatically shut it down after 8 seconds or so.

Have you figured out how to shut down the agree screen on the nav
Blinking Light

Just putting in my 2 cents here, but while in the Navy we had a few portcalls in Dubai. A lot of the cars, espcially the lower end cabs, had 120 kph warning lights. Most had an audible alarm as well. The nicer mercedes cabs tended to not have this, and would therefore drive faster. I believe it is probably a requirement for the cars destined to end up there. Much like day time running lights are for the Canadian version, although we dont get either of these "features."
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