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Very SMAD! (Sad/Mad)

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So... Im VERY upset. Ive had my Cadenza for little over 3 months.... I got rear ended the second month, and a hit an run last month. I've fixed em all... but now.. someone keyed my hood.... its about foot long. Its deep. I used to do estimates as an end-of-lease inspector so I know that scratch is gonna cost me another 300+ dollars.

It just sucks cuz I have not even had the car for a whole year and I already have had the car in the body shop twice and spent money, and crap like this keep happening.

If it were you guys, would you fix the scratch? or no?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. And as always, thanks guys!
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I personally try to fix stuff like that because I don't like to go around looking... to me at least, trashy. When I have something nice I try to keep it looking nice. I know you have extenuating circumstances right now, just my two cents. I would at the very get it estimated. Sorry to hear about all the crappy stuff happening to your car man. I have a few small dings from a hail storm last year that I will get estimated once winter is over, and a tiny star crack in the upper right hand corner of my windshield that I didn't even notice. It's right over the frame so I can't get it filled :(
Sorry to hear that; it sucks. I'd fix because; why save the enjoyment of a pristine car for the next owner? Currently, I'm in the same boat on rear end damage so I know the feeling.

I also previously owned a "bad luck" BMW 7 series. This car was so perfect and so prone to get scratches, dings and fender benders (never my fault of course ;). I owned it for nine years and when I did the math and added up the all the touch up expenses over the nine years it wasn't that bad.

At the end of nine years it was as pristine as the day I bought it; I planned to just keep it indefinitely, and then one day it got totaled. Fortunately, the pristine condition got me a very nice settlement.

Fix it and enjoy and may you have better luck.
I would fix... sorry about your sheety luck
Thanks a lot for the input guys! Im also sorry to hear about some of your guys oedeals as well. Tbh, I was leaning towards getting it fixed too. Thanks all!
Also I forgot to mention but, depending how much it's scratched, you could also get premature rust and that's just really not worth the headache.
Sounds like you need to upgrade your home town!
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