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USB Shuffle

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My AV is set to USB Music so I can play from a flash drive with many folders each containing many files (titles). With Shuffle set to "Shuffle all" the random play is not very random. Some random selection of titles interspersed with many repeats (~300 titles and out of the first 20 selections about half are repeats). Other than non-random shuffle, titles play just fine.

Has anyone figured out the shuffle algorithm? Do I need to prep the shuffle mode in some way? Could the speed of my flash drive have something to do with this? :(
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Just a thought...I thought in one of my old cars the shuffle didn't like something about the folders...I think a solution might have been to put all the files on the root of the flash drive so it didn't have to poke around into folders to shuffle. Just a thought, maybe give that a try.
Sounds plausible. I'll give it a try. Thanks.

My files are .wma (rather than .mp3) which the system will play -- but doesn't like. Perhaps this is a related cause.
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