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TSB List

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Standard KDS Reflash Procedure (SST 037)
Standard GDS Reflash Procedure (SST 036)
iPod Adapter Cable Application Information (GEN 054 Rev 5)
Navigation Unit Software Update (ELE 062) (REV 2)
Inhibitor Switch Diagnosis Information (TRA 055)
Kia Diagnostic System (KDS) Requirements (SST 035)
General Information and Diagnosis for Smart Key Fob Systems and Start/Stop Buttons (GEN 057)
Kia Diagnostic System / Dealership Wi-Fi Requirements (SST 034)
Data Collection: Extract California Emission Data From ECU (ENG 137 Rev 2) (DC005)
Navigation Unit Part Number and SD Card Compatibility (GEN 065)
New Vehicle Inventory Maintenance and Best Practices (GEN 070) (REV 1)
Aftermarket Oil Filters and Oil Viscosity (ENG 114) (REV 1)
Testing A/C Compressor Function using GDS (CLI 024)
MDPS Flexible Coupling Replacement (CHA 044) (REV 2)
6 SPD A/T Solenoid Replacement - DTC P0741 (TRA 051)
Special Service Tool for Hood Release Lever Removal (SST 033)
GR8-1299 Battery Tester / Charger and New Battery Warranty Policy (SST 023 REV 1)
Recreational Towing Requirements (GEN 018 Rev 3)
Introduction to T Connectors (ELE 064)
MIL On With DTC P0087 -Diagnosis and Repair (FUE 026)
Global Diagnostic System (GDS) Unit Requirement (SST 026) (Rev 1)
DTC Scanning Techniques and Best Practices (GEN 064)
Windshield Washer Pump Inlet Filter Replacement (BOD 095)
Anti-Virus Upgrade Information For GDS Professional Computers (GEN 062)
Hazardous Materials (HazMat) Information (GEN 063)
Axle Shaft Serviceability by Model (TRA 047 Rev 1)
Internet Browser Guidelines & Recommendations (GEN 061)
Automatic Transmission Fluid Application Guide (TRA 046)
Services and Products not Recommended by Kia (GEN 058)
New Homelink Garage Door Opener Protocol (GEN 056)
4-Wheel Alignment Equipment Recommendations (SST 031 Rev 1)
Road Force Balancer with Straighttrak Requirement (SST 030 Rev 1)
Fuel System Cleaner Recommendation and Fuel Quality Information (FUE022)
Non-OEM Electrical Accessories; Electrical Interference with TPMS (GEN 052)
Air Conditioning System Deodorizer Treatment (CLI 016 Rev 1)
Installation of Additional Battery Ground Cable Caution (ELE 015)
TPMS Warning Lamp and Pressure Threshold Change Information (GEN 049)
Aftermarket Modification Warnings (Seat, Seat Cover, Seat Belts, Etc.) (GEN 050)
Engine Oil Pump Replacement Guidelines During Short Block Replacement (ENG 084) (REV 1)
GDS TPMS Information and Basic Instructions (GEN 045)
Battery Tester And Diagnostic Charger (SST 022)
Precaution Before Adding or Changing Brake Fluid (GEN 039)
Headlamp Fogging / Moisture Condition (BOD 055)
Load Carrying Capacity Label Requirements and Instructions to Comply With FMVSS 110 (GEN 022r3)
Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) and Owner Delivery Folder Program (GEN 030)
Enhanced Dealer Feedback and Digital Camera Requirements to Support Kia Quality Initiatives (GEN 027)
Kia Motors "Tech Times" Print Edition Moves Exclusively to "On-Line" (GEN 024)
New SST Release and Return of the Black Break Out Box Main Cable (GEN 025)
Kia Paint Information (BOD 037)
Global Diagnostic System (GDS) Minimum Requirement guidelines (SST 017) SUPERSEDED
Fuel Economy Information - All Models (GEN 017r2)
Hi-Scan Pro End of Life-Cycle Support (SST- 014)
Undeployed Airbag/Pre-tensioner Demonstration (GEN 016)
Automatic Transmission Adaptive Value Reset / Relearn (Trans/Driveline - 018)
Disposal/Handling of Perchlorate Containing Materials under California Law (GEN 015)
Fuel Mileage Information And Economy (General Information - 012)
Throttle Body Cleaning (FUE 010)
Fuel Cap Tester (SST - 008)
Locknut Re-Use Prohibited (Chassis - 013)
Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) Tester (SST - 004)
Audio Interference When Using Cellular Phone (Accessories - 004)
Technical Assistance Center (General Information - 004)
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Awesome post! Thanks for the share!
This isn't all for just Cadenza I don't think.
This is what comes up when I search with cadenza 2014...
don't forget most of these are instructions to the dealership on how to service your cadenza
don't forget most of these are instructions to the dealership on how to service your cadenza
Good point; TSB is not necessarily a problem (issue), but an amendment to the service manual (now electronic) for dealers.

Sometimes they are just FYI information or filling in missing data. Usually less than 100-200 per vehicle is not unusual. Depends on how new and complex the vehicle is.

Recalls are a different thing altogether. But sometimes a TSB on an issue is an attempt to avoid getting into a recall situation or addressing a very limited problem.
Looks like a comprehensive list. Thanks!

Now that I have it, not sure what it all means and what I would do with it.
Please advise.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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