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Trunk lid lower lip water accumulation

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I'm sure I'm not the only one, opening the trunk when it just rained, the lip between the outer cover, and inside metal lid itself accumulates quite a bit of water, then when you open it, it drops right into the storage compartment. Looking at it almost looks like it's by design to channel water. Problem is in that lip it will hold what didn't fully drain out.

I got a wild hair this weekend, though I'd run a bead of silicone caulk through it, but I didn't go all the way to the top. Of course first rain, the space actually filled up with water, so I had to pull out the caulk to let it drain.

It looks as though you can actually take the outer panel off, which will be my next step to investigate what is going on here. But what the **** is with this design, and has anyone dealt with it yet?
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Every time I wash the car that happens. I open the lid and the water drips all over the stuff in the cargo net and anything just behind it. Now I slowly open the lid and hope most of the water leaks out before I open it all the way.
open slow helps, but the real problem is if it's raining and you want in and out real quick with an umbrella to keep things end up getting more water in from the lip then the actual rain...I'm going to keep investigating. there's got to be a way to correct this...In other situations I'd usually drill holes, so the back edge of the lip will drain, but since so much water is introduced here regularly, I don't want to scratch any paint and promote rust. Unless all of these pieces are plastic or aluminum...that would be a bonus.
Got a pic? I'm in the desert. Don't get a lot of rain. No idea what you're referring to.
same thing happens to mine; especially after going through car wash. makes me wonder if it's another KIA 'makes no sense' design, and, if it will eventually cause rusting. I've asked my dealer but they just gave me the deer in the headlights look they always do.
I understand exactly that trunk lid piece you are talking about. I live in Portland, OR and have been dealing with the same issue when it rains. I just open the trunk slower now so the water can run off onto the bumper instead of inside my trunk. It's certainly not just a Kia thing. I had a similar issue on my 2011 Acura RL I traded towards the Cadenza. When I opened the trunk lid with water on it, the water would run down the trunk lid onto the rear window, down the rear window and then into the open trunk.
It doesn't really bother me enough that I feel a need to fix it. If it's raining, I'm already wet and whatever I am carrying is already wet too.
Yup....It's an oversight for sure. It's probably the worst car since my 1993 Chevy Cavalier in that regard...Not sure how they miss something like that...I gotta think it's a cost measure of some sort. Small issue but sometimes those are the ones that nag ya the most. I, too find that if you pop the trunk and go slowly you can get most of it to drain on the bumper.
I had to unbolt the panel to get all the silicone out of there, but was not able to completely remove the panel. Removed license plate 4 bolts, inside handle, but there are also plastic pushin fasteners that I just couldn't get to push out. It looks as though the entire outer panel is plastic. If you look at the slope of that bottom lip, it actually drops away from the opening, had they sloped it down gravity would pull any accumulation out of there without problem, but then it could have been a catch hazard. If this were any other thing I would drill weep holes, but I'm still not sure it is the best idea. Would love to stop water from even entering the area, but it runs the whole length of the lower part of the lid.
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