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Looking to get hitch and wiring on my 2014.. U-Haul charges $40 for wiring kit and $90 for wiring install. $90 sounds very expensive.. Anybody have experience or guidance? Thanks love my Cadenza and this website!

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If you're handy, you can do the wiring. You'll need to tap into the tailights at the rear (from the trunk) for the wires for brake, park, turn, and ground. Wire colors are:

LH Side
- Black - ground
- Red - brake
- Brown/Orange: tail
- Pink: Turn

RH Side
- Black - Ground
- Red - brake
- Gray/Black: tail
- Orange: Turn

You'll only need to tap one side for brake/park, but will need both sides for the turn. All dependent of course on the wiring kit you get.

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The u haul here in Phoenix online sales. charge 179.95 for hitch, 30.00 for installation
39.95 for the lighting wiring, 60.00 for wiring installation
5.00 for a warranty and 10.00 for a service plan
they make money on the hitch and parts so not interested in installing if we purchase our own parts.
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