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Thinking of getting a Cadenza

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Have found a 2019 w tech package with 11k miles. Would have to trade in a mint Lincoln MKS (2013 with 26k mi).
Am pondering if it is worth it. Hate to see the world of luxo sedans go away, and there's not many left.
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Yeah I had one of the early Amantis, never should have sold it. So, I don't drive that much (3k mi a year) but I do need something that will last a long time and won't cost repair bills. Mulling extended warranties...
Howdy! Update us when you take home one.
It may be tomorrow, I still haven't seen it, there's been personal delays. It's a 2019 tech pack with 11k mi.
@Stumper88 - did you end up purchasing the 2019 Cadenza?
No I didn't sorry, it was a price thing.
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