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Thinking about the Cadenza

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I'm a BMW guy coming from an e60 (5 series).

Any ex-BMW guys on here that can comment on the Cadenza?

Also, how does it compare to the Avalon?

My main priorities are interior room (especially rear leg room) and ride comfort (ie smooth ride). How would you rate these two aspects?

I actually like the Kia brand because its low-key and understated.

I'm kind of tired of the "flashy" image that comes with BMW.
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Best thing to do is to go test drive it and that way you will get a true comparison. I'm sure you will like it. I came from a Cadillac CTS and i'm loving it!
You're right, I need to drive it for myself. I just really wanted an opinion on rear seating room and ride comfort.
Welcome to the club, amit!

Many of the reviews specifically commend the Cadenza for its rear seat leg room and the overall spacious effect of the interior design characteristics. If the driver seat is back to its limit, a six-footer (maybe even taller) would still have a few inches of air space between knees and seat back.

Like murrwin said, go to a dealer and sit in the back seat. I think you will observe many other amenities of the Cadenza that will compare favorably with the BMW, which is a fine benchmark for comparison.

A lot of people are coming to the Optima and Cadenza from high-end marques for the reasons that you describe. Understatement belies confidence in your place in the world. Some of us don't need to "flaunt it".

I hope you go take a look, and like the things about the car that we do.

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I just came back from a brief test drive of the cadenza.

It definitely feels premium, Lexus was the first thing to cross my mind while driving. The steering is light but precise which is a nice change from the BMW stiff steering feel. Also, in terms of interior materials, the Kia isn't lacking when compared to BMW or even my friends 2010 MB e350.

I felt the ride was smooth overall but bounced a bit, almost as if the tires were over-inflated. The car I drove (fully loaded) had the 19inch rims, so I wonder if that affected the ride.

The seats were quite comfortable with nice headrest placement and I liked the extending thigh support. I also liked the electronic interface and LCD instrument panel. It was very modern yet simple to use. The low fuel warning came on during the drive and the nav screen asked me if I wanted to look for the nearest gas station... nice touch.

The rear seats were relatively roomy but I don't think it provides as much room as the avalon.

Overall a very nice car for the money. The dealership I went to did not have any base cars (only luxury or luxury+tech cars). Does anyone here have a base without options? I was thinking the luxury package might be worth it.
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I'm not a former BMW owner but I do come from an Audi S4.

I LOVE my Cadenza. Might not be as powerful or as refined (overall) but the value, quality, and overall product is extremely impressive. I am very happy to call myself a Cadenza owner.
I went back and forth between a new Avalon and the Cadenza and finally chose the Cadenza. The Avalon has been skewered by a lot of people including owners of previous generations of Avalons for the harshness of the ride. The conjecture is that the Toyota people were tired of hearing that the Avalon had a reputation of having too soft of a ride and thereby attracting a mostly very aged type of customer. Many people thought the reason was the larger tires and over inflation of the tires; some people thought that getting the 18" and taking the air out solved the problem while others simply found the ride unacceptable if you hit a bad road. I went back and forth and finally got the Cadenza but admit that the ride when going around town on pitted streets is a little rough (not as soft as my Camry) but the car is better at high speeds when you hit bumps than the Avalon. I like both and both are plenty spacious, both in the cabin and the trunk. My biggest complaint so far with the Cadenza was the incredibly boring colors that were available with the Cadenza.
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Can't comment from the BMW point of view but I did test drive the Avalon. The Avalon is a nice car but I liked the Cadenza better and bought one. I like the interior and dashboard controls of the Cadenza better, Avalon had those funny little buttons. I also thought the ride of the Avalon was a little harsh and my vehicle had a couple rattles although that could have been objects in the car and not the car itself. The Cadenza was quieter. Mostly though the biggest problem with the Avalon was the seats were hard as rocks, one magazine compared them to the high school bleachers, not a bad comparison. My wife immediately hated the Avalon seats and I wasn't a fan either.

There is a lot to like with the Avalon but I preferred the Cadenza and so far I have no regrets about selecting the Cadenza.

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Guys i think it's a good car but there is some problem with Kia cars it doesn't come with high quality car if you want the same engine specifications but better quality you can buy volvo or saab,.
Whatever your name is...

I really don't think you want to be here...maybe you are on the wrong forum...

We are all free to like, dislike, buy, or not buy any brand or model we choose. I wouldn't buy a Volvo or SAAB, but also would not criticize those who do so.
avalon hybrid

If you are worried about gas mileage you can look at the Avalon, because cadenza doesn't have a hybrid. The difference in gas mileage between the cadenza and the regular Avalon is so slight you will never notice.
I bought the Cadenza over the BMW because to get everything on the BMW 5 series that is on the Cadenza it was going to cost me $10,000.00 more. Some things work a little better on the BMW but the Cadenza meet all my expectations..
If you are coming from the BMW go for the Tech package. I got the smokey blue and the beige interior. with the Tech package. I get everything I want without people thinking I'm a snob or think I'm special.
The Avalon still feels like an old folks car to me. I really like the UVO/eservices and it is free
^^^ indeed not a snob and you seem like a class act. I like your style!

Guys i think it's a good car but there is some problem with Kia cars it doesn't come with high quality car if you want the same engine specifications but better quality you can buy volvo or saab,.
Sorry, Saab went out of business. Kias do not come with a high quality car, when you buy a Kia, you only get one Kia. But, Kias are a high Quality car, with americas leading warranty, more features and soft touch areas in their car than cars that are much more expensive. Volvos are more expensive, around 10k if equipped similarly. theyre good cars, but again, pretty expensive, for the money, i rather get a bimmer or audi or lexus.

people arent buying kias for the engine, its for the combination of value, technology, reliability and comfort.

Are you scared of the brand your premium car wears?
^^^ Thanks John, check out the other thread where he commented.
I've seen 'em...Sometimes haters just troll around and make immature/mean comments cuz it makes them feel as though they're powerful.


At some point we can just ignore them.

Yer okay, carz!

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