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We have a nice thread about what could be improved but I haven't seen one on what people like/love about Cadenza.

There's a lot I like, quiet interior, almost no engine noise, stereo etc but I'll start by listing a few little probably overlooked features that kind of struck me.

- I thought the way the outside mirrors automatically point down when in reverse is a really cool touch. Nice for seeing the lines when backing into a space.

- I love having a stereo Mute button on the steering wheel. Maybe that's a common feature but I have never had it on a car before. Great when going through a drive thru at a fast food place or bank.

- In highway mode I like how the Navi lists upcoming exits on the right side of the display with icons to show if the exit has gas, hotel, food. Really nice for deciding where to make a pitstop on highway trips.

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