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Subwoofer upgrade?

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I saw that one user had added an additional subwoofer, but has anyone looked into upgrading the existing one in the factory location? I would like to save all of my trunk space, and would not mind adding a bigger amp for a better sub, as long as the sub fit in the stock location.
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Kicker is one of the last standing companies still making quality products...supposed to be 600 watts, but I found out it's pushing almost 900 watts RMS.
I completely agree. I have an "old style" Kicker amp (maybe 10 years old) that is rated @ 1000W bridged. The test sheet said it benched well over 1200W RMS! Nothing like those good old amps! Like you, it's way too big (power and physical size) to be used in my car...but it might find it's way onto another boat where it's free to push extremely hard!
Yes! They did (do) draw a tone of power, hence the rise of the big capacitors everyone had to add to their system just to even out the current flow! The new Class D amps are very efficient with the power they use and that makes them a lot smaller which is nice too.

I ran a pair of old style 12" solobarics on that amp and they always handled the full power. As I recall the solobarics were rated at 800w each and I was pushing the amp bridged at 1200 so the speakers still had some room to breath but it was super impressive being on that edge.
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