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Sub Removal?

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Has anyone removed/replaced the stock subwoofer from the rear deck?
I am afraid to ask how hard it was. Looking at the manual for my girlfriends Optima you have to remove the rear seats and C pillar covers and thats a heck of a lot of work.

Looking at the back seats of the Cadenza it doesn't look like they fold down, only the hole behind the arm rest when you pull it down.

I haven't looked in the manual yet (I need to find it) but it shows in the Optima how to do it. I looked in that PDF someone loaded to Google Drive but you cannot search and after 15 minutes I gave up trying to find anything in there.

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That's my manual :) And I remember seeing it - going off memory, you do have to remove the rear seats to get to the rear parcel shelf to get the subwoofer out.

I've taken out the rear seat before, and it's not that difficult, but best with two people due to the size of the rear seat and how it's mounted to the car (talking the backrest portion).

Look in the "Body" portion of the shop manual. It's in that part somewhere.
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Thanks, found it at the end of the manual called 12 - Body Interior and Exterior on page 156 (out of 168). That is how to remove the rear seats. I assume removing the rear deck and sub is pretty easy after all that is out of the way. I'll look for the rear desk removal.

I see now, if I download the XPS file and open it I can search. I found the Sub Woofer removal guide in 13 - Body Electrical Systems.xps on page 32 of 388. I cannot search using the built in Google Preview app thing.

Nice! I didn't know you could search like that, I was manually flipping pages and looking. Doh! Thanks for the tip, should make it way easier searching in the future.
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