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I have the tech and lux package and the tires on my 19's have been balanced and road force balanced multiple times in the 4k miles I have on them. When on the freeway or at about 25 mph they chop and sound like a bent wheel. I'm furious to say the least, this is unheard of from a passenger tire. I have seen issues like this with my heavily cambered performance tires on past vehicles. Anyone have any issues from these tires.

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First call the Cadenza owner customer service hot line it is only for Cadenza owners
No problem with mine, same packages ,tires and size.
I had the same problem with my Sedona, balanced and checked 8 times then had all four tires replaced by Bridgestone, then road force balanced before it was straitened out. I had to have the dealership contact a Kia rep to get it taken care of.
My Cadenza is fine. stay on to them or they will try and blow you off
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