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Sofware update...

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I'm seeing in reviewing the threads here and what I see in the car, seems like there could be as many as 3 different things that can be updated for the software. The head unit for the stereo, the Maps, and I also see an update option in the settings, not sure if that's the head unit option, or a 3rd location to apply updates.

I don't see that I can download those from kia's support website without logging in, I don't have a membership nor do I want to pay that much for one. Also, do I want to get the NAV update from kia for $189 or is there a more reasonable 3rd party that offers the exact same thing?

Any and all advise much appreciated!
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When the update was first advertised it included Pandora, and my car zone. I purchased the update and then found out those were not in the update. the web page has been changed after the griping.
As for the map updates, unless you moved to an area which had a lot of road changes and construction between 2 and 3 years ago, they are not going to help you or be worth it. Last years changes will not be included as it takes time to do the programming. Very few areas even got any update for maps. Total waste of money for that reason.
Changes to the screen looks another waste for me. The new screen looks don't really make things any easier. entering an address all on one screen is nice but the old way was much more intuitive and faster to me. New main screen just got things moved around.
Only real change is if you just ignore the agree screen at the start, in 8-10 seconds it goes away and always reverts to the map screen, even if you had it on another screen when you shut it down.
Save your money and after you have had the car for 18 months kia will do the update for you for free.
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Hows the free update work?
The dealer told me they could update my firmware and map after I owned the car for a year and a half, then kia would do it for free. Dealer has to do it, simple really. They just insert an SD card into the card slot it does it automatically they enter a number generated for your car and put your old card back in after they copy files to it.
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Did the free Software update (TSB62?).
Sirius traffic came back at first, but is now gone again. Tried am/fm + map reset, still no dice. Anyone else have same problem?
I wish they would put a danged digital clock on the screen. There's plenty of room, and if the Optima has it, why cant the Cadenza.
I got an notification to update the new software of my laptop which I was using .I tried to update the software with the help of site but at the end I got some error that unable to update and now I'm unable to use my laptop and need to install the Windows again for the proper working of the laptop.
Apparently traffic feature on Sirius and Cadenza are not compatible .I had that issue when i transferred over my account from my k900
Really? I've had traffic for free several times and it seemed to work ok. I saw green/yellow/red depending on traffic conditions on most main roads/highways. USA here.
I agree, I get traffic with no problem on my '14 Cadenza. I got free Sirius for the first 3 months I owned it, and I get the occasional free weekends and I see traffic info pop up regularly when i have the service.
I was told only in Canada at the time. I cancelled my Sirius not because of traffic because in Vancouver the main roads during Rush are always busy , but I simply didn't enjoy it anymore .How much CNN or Fox can one listen too All my music is on my Iphone anyways through apple music
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