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Being an old guy, I was not interested in the tech. package, and because I have a dog and cat, not interested in the white interior. I can see value in the blind spot feature but the other stuff seemed like fluff to me. The car has plenty technology in the regular Premium package. I chose the car because of the nice, quiet ride, aggressive looks and the tons of stuff that came with the basic Premium package. All the other things included in the two available packages might have value for some but you certainly won't think you bought a car without futuristic stuff when you drive a Premium Cadenza.
Being(probably) an older guy, I was interested in the tech package. :) I have dogs and cats too and strongly agree with you on the white interior.

Here's my take on the major tech features, after a scant 500 miles or so. Blind spot feature is great. Non intrusive warning lights on the outside mirrors mean you won't be tempted to turn it off. The system only sounds an audio alert if you turn on your turn signal in the direction of a vehicle detected in your blind spot. Pretty much perfect implementation.

Adaptive cruise control is also amazing. One those things that you don't think you need or want until you try it, and then wonder how you drove without it. I'm confident, if the car had a 200 gallon gas tank, I could drive from Wilmington, NC to Bakersfield, CA on I-40 without touching either the accelerator or the brake. It really is that good. I followed a car up the exit ramp to a stop sign. The cruise was set to 72. It kept the distance from the car in front all the way to a full stop.

The lane drift feature is a different animal. It didn't last the entire first day before I turned it off. It really is over sensitive and the only warning is audio pings that quickly get irritating. On a long interstate trip I might use it, but for everyday driving around, nope.

That's the big three. Lots of other neat little features that make this car, at any trim level, a pleasure to drive.
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