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FWIW, I found out there is a way to disable the Smart Cruise Control. Just activate cruise by hitting the cruise button. Then press and hold the smart cruise button (the range setting button) for 3 seconds. The display in the center of the speedometer will say conventional cruise mode. To switch back hold the range button down for 3 seconds and it will toggle back to smart cruise, the display will show SCC mode.

I haven't tested this part yet but the dealer said he believes after restarting the car the system will always default back to smart cruise mode.

As aloukienko said I don't know that you would ever want to disable it but it turns out that it is possible.

Thanks GoChill!

That's what's so cool about this forum...there is so much to learn. We are getting some good guys that are willing to share their knowledge.

This is great info that may never be know if we were each left to our own experience.

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