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So yesterday my wife was driving along a road with some twigs and other tree debris as its fall, and these trees wanna be naked... and all of a sudden the ABS, Traction Control, Power Steering, TPMS and Check Engine light popped on.

Car was driving normal except delayed turning, so she drove it over to the dealer, turns out a branch caught and tore my ABS Speed Sensor Line.

For reference, you can get the line for $102 shipped online, and its a 10 minute fix, but she opted to let the dealer quote it... $380. She then decided it would be ok for them to do the work.

So $280 down the drain, and a lesson I wanted to pass along to you guys, do the work yourself.

Keep an eye on these lines, I checked the Driver side this morning, and its fraying, so I ordered a Driver side line (something they missed in their 360 point inspection), which I contacted the preferred line about, they're paying my car note this month as an apology(USE THAT LINE).

Check the lines when you can, you can just snap a picture of the underside of the car in the wheel well and see them clearly, or when you take it in for an oil change, ask them to check them.

KIA is considering a TSB for them, but they haven't seen enough with a problem aside from wear and tear.

*For a note, debris cutting the line is not covered by your warranty. The fraying driver side IS*

Stay Humble.

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2014 cadenza 95000 miles wouldn't get past 40 check engine light came on let it sit over night light still on but pick up speed like normal what is going on
Why would you post your question in this thread? It's not related at all...and old, unless you left out more information. Either way, sounds like you need to have your codes read to see why the check engine light is on. Then go from there.
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