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Hello! I just picked up a 2014 Kia Cadenza. I helped my folks buy one a few months ago and in getting the opportunity to drive theirs I fell in love.

I got theirs for $25,200 with 12k and I got mine with 24k for $24,000. These cars depreciate fast! But, they are a lot of car for around 25 grand.

I take a lot of road trips and the car seems to be made for that. It eats up the miles with ease.

I have started to re-badge mine completely over to a K7.

My black beauty has the 18 inch wheels (which I like). Although I do like the 19 inch wheels better. I see that some of the recalled 19's are on the market.

I live in Minnesota so my thought is that I would put snow tires on my 18's and run them in the winter and then put all season on the 19's for the nice months.

My concern is that even though Kia says that no accidents were caused by the wheels I doubt that they just recalled them for no reason at all. And the joke around Minnesota is that there are two seasons: Winter and Road Construction.

Would you guys roll the dice on some recalled wheels?
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