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Service Intervals

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Hey All,

I am curious what sort of service intervals you all follow. For example, my manual says 7500 oil changes and inspection service. I actually do everything at 5k intervals.

I know, the manufacturer has tested and determined what they feel is optimum. I have always serviced cars this way, which usually puts me under the limits for oil, etc. I have disassembled a couple engines I have serviced this way and was really impressed with how good they looked. I also give myself some leeway, if I miss my self appointed schedules, I am still within factory specs.

Another reason for this was the Audi/VW oil change/sludge debacle. Even if you did so every 5k with synthetic (dealer still used dino oil), but missed one service, they denied coverage. Eventually, it was deemed the sump was too small and the turbo feed would coke if the car was shut off too soon after high speed driving.

Our cars have 6Qt sumps, which is great. I figure 5k oil changes with a yearly drain refill on the transmission, top tier fuel, which is readily available around my area, as well as the occasional fuel treatment should keep wear to a minimum and things clean. Oh yeah, 5000 miles on the odometer is easier to keep track of.

Ideas? Thoughts?

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I do the 7.5k recommended by factor but last time I went in they changed my sticker to 3500mi (don't think 5k but I could be wrong) intervals. I asked why and the girl at the counter said per the technician that the cars have been basically eating oil and there isn't enough on the dipstick when I came back in for maintenance. Now, I follow 7.5kmi or 7 months, whichever is sooner. Turns out my 7 months is ALWAYS sooner. Just did my 2nd service (14 months) with just over 10kmi. I need to call Kia pref line and ask them about that. If they say stick at 7.5kmi/7mo I will because I got my car when they had the deal for the first 3 yrs of service (5 services which equates to 36mo or 37.5kmi) free, if they want me to chop my interval in 1/2 I will ask for twice as many services to be paid for as it was a selling point for my car. From the responses no one else has gotten this...

I think I will stick with the 5k. I check the oil about every other fill up and it has barely moved.

What do they charge you to take it in for oil changes?
$10. I got mine when they had the promo for 3yrs free standard service :) The $10 is for the Techron I have them add so that it's documented.
My car sits too low to use any oil change place at this point, even the dealership. I have to do it myself, but I do it every 5k or as close to as possible.
I'm using full synthetic and changing it every 10k miles. The oil is rated to 15k. The recommendations of 7.5k (normal) or 3.5k (heavy duty) are just that "recommendations". The OEM cannot deny warranty coverage if a reasonable scheduled is kept and documented. You are not required to use a dealer to maintain your warranty. Warranty laws can vary from state to state; California is biased towards the consumer; Texas more so to the OEM.

Where loyal dealer use can make a difference is in out of warranty "good will". I had a Honda that blew a timing chain outside of the warranty period, but before the recommend chain replacement interval. A nice letter to Honda with dealer receipts and Honda kindly paid for the whole repair (out of warranty). Same with my BMW 740; BMW paid for parts when my dash board pixels died outside of warranty as a loyalty gesture.

I intend to keep using my local KIA dealer because I'm getting great service and pricing there.
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