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Rough Idle At Start

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Anyone else have rough idle at start. Just got car back from dealer for the second time, they have replaced injector 5 and 6. It still has a rough idle they say computer showed injector not firing right on over 200 occasions:(:(:(:( on the first time last last week. It feels like a cylinder is missing for about 20 seconds, rev the engine and it smooths out. Taking it back Monday with only 34000 miles and telling them to change plugs and start checking coil packs. They are not diagnosing very good or the whole injector rail system is bad!!
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How would using a gasoline additive help to clean the carbon from the valves.

My limited understanding of GDI engines is that the carbon accumulates on the valves because the gas is directly injected into the cylinder, not the airways and so the valves don't get washed by an air fuel mixture.

Seems like a gasoline additive would only clean the injectors in a GDI.

Thanks for the education.
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