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<Excerpted from 7/9/2013

The Fireball ponders (and drives) the 2014 KIA CADENZA…

Fireball Tim Lawrence, July 9, 2013 at 05:17 am

Ok, I’m a bit confused…
Luxury cars are cars like BMW, Merc, Aston, Caddy and a few others. They aren’t a KIA, right?

Ok, wait a tick. What the heck is going on? Is someone re-badging these cars? Are they being built as a joint venture between two anonymous characters? Is someone trying to pull the wool over my head? (Wait, is that right?) Ok… stop EVERYTHING! Put down your double whopper with cheese and listen up!

KIA isn’t supposed to be making luxury cars! I mean… it’s a Kia… and they need to concentrate on building small effective city cars that run well and last forever. You don’t see them building MONSTER TRUCKS, do you??!! Why? Because Kia doesn’t make Monster Trucks. And THEY DON’T MAKE LUXURY CARS like this either!

So, what’s going on? This car, whatever it is, is a very serious european-esque vehicle. It’s like BMW in it’s quality, but rides solid like a Merc. Its fitment is top notch like an exotic, but it’s got a sound system like a muscle car where you can blast tunes, put on your specs and look cool. (Nobody really cares whether you look cool, btw.) It’s got tons of doodads like any hi-end expensive ride, yet they’re SAYING it isn’t. Okay, here’s the facts…

This 2014 KIA CADENZA (Balonie!) has a 3.3L V6 pumping 293hp and 255ftlb of torque, 19/28MPG, 19″ rims, Power Blah blah EVERYTHING, Infinity Sound, Sirius, Bluetooth, and comes in a host of colors including this Abyss Blue. Deep, sexy and bloooooo. I mean sext. As in.. Ok, I’m not gonna go there, but… it’s called a Cadenza.

What the heck is a Cadenza? I think it’s a word they use to distract you from finding out it’s actually a luxury car from… from… well, I don’t know where. But it CAN’T be a Kia! I mean, it was like a really nice ride. Smooth, comfortable, excellent fit & finish. Good power, although more would be appreciated. It’s just a beautiful car. I don’t know what else to say!
And if you can tell me what the heck Cadenza means, then I have a bajillion dollars I’ll give you. If… you have Paypal. Just sayin.’

The 2014 KIA CADENZA is definitely pulling the wool over our eyes. It’s a luxury saloon that beats all expectations and is as good as any of them out there. Only.. it’s only around $35K. WHAT’S UP WITH THAT, KIA!!?? I mean, you’ve gotta be kidding! Check out the new Cadenza, but don’t be fooled!!
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