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So my daughter had her first minor collision a little over a week ago. She backed out of the driveway into a parked car...MY CADENZA. She knew it was there, thought she could worm her way around, ended up hitting it. It could have been much worse, her bumper popped back into place and the scratches were somewhat easy to touch up. Can see the touchup, but at lest it's not actual tears or dents in the bumper cover on her side.

My Cadenza didn't get scratched, just some flex/cracking in the paint. her car was higher up because of the slope an gutter, so it married up and shattered the outside taillight assembly. Was a little tweaked in that it didn't line up with the trunk once I put the replacement in, but a couple shots with a mini sledge into a wood block I was able to get the inside metal to move back to where the new taillight met with the trunk lid. Just had to polish the trunk lid tail light assembly, good as new.

Wanted to shout out to "". Dealership wanted well over $500 (think it was $530) for 92402-3R620, MKP wanted $308 plus a modest $17 to ship. Took exactly 7 days from day of order to arriving at my doorstep, with a weekend in-between. Not bad, perfect new OEM product, well packaged. The closest I could find the part anywhere else online ranged from at least $40 to $60 more plus shipping.
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