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Has any one experience with the availability of an after-market remote start system that will work with the Cadenza and not interfere with the OEM security and proximity unlock functionality? I looked at the Viper 2 Way remote start model 4205V and the guys at Audio Express said that it should work.

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I posted this a couple of weeks ago about the Remote Start I had installed.

I just had a Remote Start installed in my 2014 Cadenza Limited. It is from Automate and the model# is AUTOMATE 4114A Remote Start. Automate is a division of the company Directed whose products include Viper and 6 other brands. The link to the Remote Start is below.

Automate - Automate 4114A

They also installed the Viper SmartStart GPS Module. Link is below.

Viper SmartStart GPS Module

I then purchased the Viper SmartStart GPS App for my Android phone.
The Viper SmartStart GPS lets you remote start, lock and unlock your car, just by pushing a button on your smartphone. SmartStart GPS includes the ability to locate your car from almost anywhere, plus other exciting features. I choose the GPS Premium 3 service plan that’s good for three years.
See the link below.

Viper SmartStart Features

Everything is working GREAT, and I am very happy with the installation. Now my car is nice and cool when I get in it!

The AUTOMATE 4114A Remote Start was $295.95 installed.

The Viper SmartStart GPS Module was $299.95 installed.

The Viper SmartStart GPS App for my Android phone, the GPS Premium 3 service plan, that’s good for three years, was $199.99.

The features of the GPS Premium 3 service plan are listed below.
You get the lower per month rate because you pay for the 3-year plan up front.

• Only $5.56 / Month
• Remote Start
• Lock/Unlock
• Open Trunk
• Panic Alert
• Viper Motor Club
• Car Location/Speed
• Speed/Lockdown Alerts
• SmartSchedule
• SmartFence
• HotSpot
• SmartPark
• Parking Meter
• Status of car Ex. Car locked/Ulocked – Engine running etc……

So it cost me $595.90 for the hardware to be installed, plus the $199.99 for the GPS Premium 3 service plan for 3-years, for a grand total of $795.93, all installed by a local shop here in New Jersey.

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Sound steep, however, that seems like some great functionality.

I'm wondering if the 2017 Cadenza will offer any comparable remote start capabilities

My guess is no, as it wasn't listed as one of the features on the spec-sheet that's in the 2017 thread. But won't know for sure until the "official official" features list is released.
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