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Rear Deck Rattle?!?

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Hello All,

I have a 2015, and for some odd reason there is a LOUD embarrassing rattle coming from the rear deck where the subwoofer is. I've opened up the trunk and listened and it seems to be coming from inside - the point where the bottom of the rear window and frame meet. I can't physically see what it going on because of the trunk liner, but it is almost so much of a disappointment to sell the car and upgrade. I had a 2013 Veloster Turbo with the Dimension audio, and I was blown away as to how hard the stock subwoofer could hit, and not cause ANY rattles. The twice as expensive Cadenza…..not so much. I feel so let down by this car. I am blown away by the clarity of the Infiniti system in the Cadenza, but the lack of the bass response is a bit disappointing. It hits hard on the good notes, but others just sound like they "aren't there". A premium sound system is supposed to be able to played at a louder volume, and not have any problems. I keep my treble all the way up (for the clarity = goosebumps), mid set at 0, and the bass set at 5. It STILL feels like it's too much for the car to handle on the low ends. If I can just get the rattling in the rear deck fixed then I would be 100X happier with the car. It is SO MUCH LOUDER in the morning ESPECIALLY if it is cold outside. I really hope and pray someone else is experiencing this issue and can point me in the right direction. It is still covered under the factory warranty (3 yrs/36,000 miles) I believe….at least that's what the service tech told me. The dealership said they have NEVER heard of this issue before, which is strange because I've seen SEVERAL people complaining of the same issue.

Please….Someone help! Thank you!
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Mine does it too... gets worse when I have the sun shade raised!

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