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Rear Brake Pad, is it too small?

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Enclosed are the pictures of friction area on the rear rotors. Now, with the new wheels I am noticing more of the rotor exposed, but what has me alarmed is that the center of the rotor isn't being touched by the pad. Rotors turned and pads replaced about a month ago, there are only 2 conclusions for the rust ring to be so thick that I can come up with. One is that the pads are two small, the other is when they turned the rotor they may have gone over a painted/finishes surface thus exposed more metal to open air rust. Can anyone confirm on their own brakes if this is what theirs looks like, a picture would be cool too...

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I think I'm missing something here. The rust looks like it's on spots that the pad doesn't cover. Are you just asking if anyone else has rust like this in this pattern?
I'll have to try to remember to look at my car's rotors sometime and get back to you.
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