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Rain repellant - survive winter?

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I've been reading some Cadenza reviews and I was curious about the rain repellant they use on the windows. The reviewer said the product is on the outside glass so if you live in Canada, would it eventually get scraped off? We have to scrape ice and snow off our windows with a plastic scraper.
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Are you talking about something the dealership does or KIA does special for the Cadenza glass?

I use rain-x for years on all my cars and it works wonders!! It's cheap and can be purchased from a local auto parts store
No, the Premium, at least here Canada, has Hydrophobic glass, which I believe is a film on the front two windows that repels rain. I'm just curious how long it would survive in Canada after being scraped every winter. Thanks.
I ask kia why they didn't put Hydrophobic glass in the windshield and they said it would wear off from the wipers after some time.
Don't have any idea how long it would take to wear off.
Like Paul said rain x works great on the windshield so when you apply it there, put some on the side windows also.
Yeah, rainX on all the windows, even the side mirrors...light application every 2 months, rain never streaks. That said I don't have an answer for the OP about the glass. I think it's only on the Limit's though...
Thanks folks, I was just curious.. :)
The hydrophobic glass is some kind of coating, and I remember reading somewhere that it's not permanent and will eventually wear off. I use Rain-X now, all is good.
Here in the states it's only on the Limited windows, you sure it's on your windows on the Canadian Premium? I know you guys do have some things we don't (like DRLs) but I thought the hydrophobics were strictly Limited.
It's on the Premium in the 2014 as we didn't have a Limited model then. In 2016 it's on the Tech model. At least according to the PDFs I have, assuming they're both canadian brochures. :)
This is interesting. I wonder what kind of product they use? Something like a rain-X just on a more commercial long lasting level? I can't imagine it lasting for the life of the car which ice scrapers and windshield wiper blades constantly running over it
Does KIA have anything in place to "recharge" or retreat the windows when they become worn?
It could be Rain-X, it would make commercial sense to use an existing product.
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