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Hello everyone!
I wanted to introduce myself because I will be picking up my new 2015 Cadenza at the end of the week. This will actually be the first "New" car I own. I was looking around at what the best car deals for this month were and to my surprise KIA was running really good deals on these.
I picked up a Smoky Blue and Black interior 2015 Cadenza Premium with every option they offer. It was the last Cadenza in my state that had not been put through the "test drive program" so it was eligible to lease. With the 8k that KIA was offering in lease cash, plus the dealer discounting the car 11% off MSRP and trading in my beat up 2006 Passat with 185k miles :laugh, I ended up leasing the vehicle with a total discount of over 14K off of MSRP!
I couldn't pass the deal up. It might even make sense to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease but we will see. I look forward to learning a bunch from everyone! Thanks!
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Awesome. Great color. I have that plus the black interior (2014 limited)

Pics when you have them!
Nice find. You should love the car, it is really nice. Most people just don't know about them.
Welcome to the forums!!! Be sure to post pictures after you pick it up this week
I definitely will. I've already learned a bunch reading through here. I think the blue with black interior gives it an even sportier look. I was actually looking at a 2015 Limited but it was almost 400 miles away. I got lucky that I found one I liked literally 25 minutes away.
welcome to the forum.
Mine s smokey blue with the beige interior and a 2014
It's dark here but this is a good start. I'll get better pictures tomorrow.


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Was the $14000 off including your trade or before the trade?Thanks
The MSRP on the car was 42860 and the dealer discounted it down to 37860. Then the lease cash was applied that was 8k for a 2 year lease. Then I received 2k for my trade in, which was 2006 Passat with 185k miles. Total off was about 15k but then you have to add in acquisition fee and doc fees so I rounded to about 14k off of MSRP.
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