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Proud New Owner-2014 Cadenza Fully Loaded

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Full Disclosure: I am an owner of a 1999 Acura RL which I loved. Old Betsy has 275K miles and is still rolling strong. I went to look at the new Acura RLX and got my feelings hurt when I looked at the sticker. I have rented the Kia Optima a few times on trips and although I thought the look was sharp, I never liked the ride. Then, I made the mistake and let the salesman get me in a Kia. What a care and what features for the money. They gave me a competitive vehicle credit and a Kia Motors financing credit which allowed me to buy the $42k model. This car has everything in it and since I kept my old Acura, I don't have to kill my new Cadenza.

I look forward to taking some time this weekend and figuring out all of these features in the car. I love the blind side indicator.

A few questions for you guru's. Is there a nice website where I can get some Kia Cadenza swag cheaper than the dealership? Looking for nicer floor mats, A nice key chain and maybe a car cover for the Michigan winter as I only have a carport.

I am happy to join the Kia Cadenza family......


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welcome to the Cadenza Family KZooKid!!!
buying extra's

Not that many places have good stuff yet, car is to new. Kia and Hyundai Performance and Aero products | Karbon Koncepts
is one has some and stay away from ebay for now
carid is another place to try

Don't hear many people call it swag, unless they are military. what color interior do you have? the white or the beige?
My cadenza is smokey blue with the beige interior. I just added the wood grain window switch surrounds in the place of the beige colored surrounds. If you have the white it came with them.
Makes a big difference.
My dealership gave me a real nice key chain
Congrats on the new pickup! As stated, Will can hook you up!
Thank you all for the warm welcome! I have the beige interior. Michigan has crappy tint laws where they want no tint on the front windows. I think a 20% tint would look sweet on my black. I know people that have got away with the lighter tints without being stopped so I might roll the dice. I will check out the suggested websites.
Welcome to the forums!!!

We're working on picking up some new products for the Cadenza every week. Please let me know if you have specific requests for things you might be looking for. The market isn't that big at the moment so we don't stock all too many products, but we do carry enough to start making it your own!

Keep in mind, that I'm also the proud owner of a 2014 Kia Cadenza so if you ever need us to test or simulate something, I'm happy to help!

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Thanks Will,

Until Gene called it out above, I didn't pay attention to the missing wood grain around the window switches. I think wood grain would add some class in that area. Do you have those available?

On a general side note, I am getting my tint done on 11/4. Although Michigan has the no tint in the front law, I have seen several cars with a tint all the way around and have asked them if they had any drama with the police and the answer was no if you don't go to dark.
got surrounds from KIA

Will try to attach a couple of photos of surrounds
rear passenger door not done yet
front passenger door done
drivers door done
hope they come out
files to large

site says my photo's are to large, will try and make them smaller
let's try again

back door undone
front passenger door done
drivers door done


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Very nice Add Gene!!

That add's a very classy touch to the car. I never thought of it until you mentioned it and it looks very good. Thanks for the pics.
back door undone
front passenger door done
drivers door done
Hey Gene - Where id you get the wood grain window switch surrounds? How much were they?
wood grain surrounds

I got them right thru the kia parts counter at the dealership.
Front ones were $75.00 each but with my discount they were $63.50
rear ones are only $25.00 each $21.10 with discount
If the dealership can't look them up for you, let me know I'll give you the part numbers.
You can get them cheaper from Korean auto imports but takes a long time to get here.
they have to look up the part numbers for the cars with white interrier
Gene. Did you put them in or does the dealer have to do it?
I put them in

I put them in myself. It's not that hard, took about 30 min.'s
If you look in under cadenza, click replace or even shop or components then interior and doors you can see where the three screws are. door clips will pop off with a plastic trim tool or even a putty knife will work. screws take the switches off and surrounds come right out
Dealer wanted to much to do it for me.
gene are you still around? My dealer can't find those parts and I am very interested in switching mine to the wood grain. Looking to see if you would list out each of the 4 part numbers! I will send you a PM also. Thanks!
no wood grain/ window switch

Gentlemen! I am proud new owner of a black 2014 Cadenza, purchase on April 6,2014. I've already have over 1400 mile on it. I just can't stay out of it. I thought it to be odd that there was no wood grain surrounding the window switch. if anyone has the part numbers for all four doors I deeply appreciate it. I've already re-badge with k7 logo hood, trunk, tires, and wheel. I'm really enjoying this car. Look forward to hear feedback from one and all. Thanks!
83720 3R025BG2
83710 3R025BG2
82710 3R005BG2
82720 3R005BG2

Confirm with Gene or Beewax, moderators here.
Those are the numbers my dealer parts dept used. How ever the one 83720 3R025BG2
has come in 6 times and still isn't the right part. It comes in wood grain but only one hole for the window switch but none for the rear seat heater.
Quess if you only have one hole on the rear surrounds they would be right
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