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Problem With USB-Shuffle?

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Has anyone figured out the shuffle-play algorithm used in Cadenza's music system?

I use a USB flash drive with many many songs contained within many folders. Each time I start the system, shuffle-play seems to reset to the beginning of my list. Not much randomness to this part of the shuffle. Some variation in the overall play order, but the music files in the first folder definitely get the highest priority -- over and over again. Manually bypassing one of these songs doesn't make much difference -- the first-folder songs keep returning.

Anyone know what's going on here?

Perhaps if I manually began each session with a random selection from the middle of the list things might improve.
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I think the problem is every time the car starts it scans it as a new device. What is surprising is that it always starts on the song you left off, but nothing outside of that get's saved like shuffle options. I also can't shuffle inside a folder...say I had Rush open with 25 albums or so, but no option to shuffle all in that folder. My wife's IPad plugged in had a shuffle for the it appears there has to be a brain attached, not just USB stick, the car can't do this task. You'd think at $40,000 it should have something in there to run like a simple MP3 player when a USB stick is attached...
Glad to hear that your player works as badly as mine. No defect, just poor design.

Really getting tired of hearing songs from the Allman Brothers -- located at the head of my list. Of course I can jump past these selections -- but they return! I guess the player wants to see them "completed" before crossing them off the current shuffle list.

Regarding your "Rush" problem -- I did not think the player's USB mode could support a depth of more than a single (Title) folder (one of many), with music files within each. Can (inefficiently) shuffle files in all folders or files within any selected title folder.
Found this thread when I started researching the shuffle issue and wanted to post what has worked for me - a file order randomizer app that takes all of the mp3's on my usb key and throws a randomly generated series of digits in front of the title. The tool can revert the changes too and it's pretty quick. I did about 7K+ files in under 10 minutes.
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