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Premium 2 Crave Custom wheels for your Cadenza

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If you are looking to get a decent set of rims for your car check out one of our best selling wheel brands 2Crave.
These wheels are designed for premium class vehicles and come mostly in Black or Chrome finishes.
Multispoke or classic 5 spoke rims look exceptionally well in combination with step lip or deep concave shape.

2 Crave makes wheels in various sizes from 15" and up to giant 30".

Check out the full section of 2 Craver wheels at CARiD by clicking on the banner below:

Which model would you choose for your car?

Let me know if you need a quote and don't forget to provide your shipping zip and email!
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I had a pair of 2Crave wheels on my Blazer in the past and they tarnished in 6 months, 2Crave eventually(after 2 months of ignoring my calls and dancing around the issue) said "Brake Dust caused the damage to the wheels"... Do you warranty these wheels from situations like that, or would I have to deal with 2Crave directly for any issues with the wheels? There are a couple styles I'd rock on my Cadenza, but not if I have to deal with their support again.

It's like their support only recommends these wheels for cars without brakes...
Lol, thanks for the heads up on these. Sounds ridiculous.
I don't want to sway anyone away from buying these if they like them, and their support may have improved, but I also don't want to get screwed again by their support if they haven't changed.
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