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Potential owner

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A local dealer has a SXL for what seems to be a great price of 24k. My only hang up is the color. It's smoky blue. I would really like a SWP (snow white pearl). It does have the white interior, which I really like.

I used to have a Optima 2.0t in SWP and loved it.

I know it's ultimately my decision, but is this price too good to pass up? I'm leaning towards waiting for a SWP to be available, but I don't like black interior. Decisions, decisions.

Is it just me or does the cadenza driver seat sit really high up, even on lowest setting? I test drove one and even the salesman said, " you're a big guy, lower the seat". I'm only 6 foot and it was as low as it goes but my head was near the ceiling.
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Don't do it dude... have you not read the issues everyone is having? My SXL is a nightmare. RUN!
The fit and finish, quality control, and service after purchase sucks!
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