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Popping noise coming from front suspension

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Anybody have any issues with a popping noise coming from the front suspension?? I had my front two tires replaced recently and had a tire place look to see if they could find anything wrong with the suspension and they said everything is fine, however the popping noise is still there. The popping noise only seems to happen when you are accelerating or coming to a stop (<10 mph). I'll see if I can get a video of the noise
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I finally bit the bullet for the dealership diag ($190) and had them take a look at it, since two other places couldn't find anything wrong.... and the dealership found that it was just an axle nut not torqued to spec that was causing the popping noise. Luckily I didn't pay have to pay a dime at the two other places...
My friend might chase this mysterious popping noise on his new 206 Cadenza project. He hears it intermittently at low speed to stop. He'll just wait for the set of tires from 4 Wheelonline to arrive so things will be done at once. I'll tip him about the axle nut.
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