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Planning for a long family road trip

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Hello World,
I am planning a long road trip with the family for spring break. The trip will tally close to 3k miles, mostly highway. Will cross a few mountain passes also. I was wondering:
1) Should I get an oil and air/filter change before and after the trip?

2) Should I ask for them to add an oil better fit for a lot of performance during this trip (will hover close to 80mph)? Should I ask for a top-brand synthetic?

3) Should I have the tires rotated?

4) Should I use a fuel system cleaner before and after the trip?

If you can think of anything else that you would like to add, then please share.

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All of this really depends on where you are at right now on mileage since your last oil change. The manufacturer suggests oil changes every 7 months or 7000 (7500?) miles, whichever comes first. The oil in our cars is a blend of natural oil and synthetic. You could always ask for pure synthetic but I personally think it would just be a waste since I would still suggest you change it ever 7mo/7k anyways (to stay under warranty). At the time of your oil change the manufacturer suggests you put in Techron fuel additive, I have the dealer put it in and make a note of it in case anything ever goes wrong I can prove I followed it to a T. You can always have them check your alignment but that is usually done at certain time/mileage marks and I'm honestly not sure what they are. If you curb your car often then maybe you could get it done sooner, I don't think most places charge to CHECK alignment, but they do usually charge to align them. If you are within 3k for your oil change I would call Kia service and ask them, they will usually let you go a could hundred miles over no big deal (or at least Nissan did). If you are a bit aggressive with your driving you may want to change sooner, driving harder (hard/quick acceleration) will help foul your oil quicker as well as warmer months (higher engine/oil temps). Cruising at 80 isn't great for the mileage but isn't really considered driving heavy as it's just a constant smooth thing. The thing I would check more than anything is tire pressure and make sure all of your lights work.
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I think Air filter is every 15000, but of course if you're on dusty roads, that will shorten the life. I like K&N because it's easy to just clean every 5-10000 (reminds me I gotta clean it). As far as the oil change, Whatever you do, be sure you check the oil level. It's rare, but sometimes after an oil change they don't fill it all the way up and you don't know it's low because it's not leaking Last thing you want to do is burn up on a road trip. All the other stuff is really up to you. Tires, depends on last rotation and current wear pattern. You can use fuel cleaners every 3000 miles if you want to, but at least once every other oil change. I typically stay under 5000 for the oil changes myself.
I would take care of all of your regular scheduled maintenance before you go on this trip if that maintenance is close to being due or will be due while your on your trip. I always use full synthetic oil in all my vehicles so I'd recommend doing that. Regarding the fuel injector cleaner I would say that never hurts to do a treatment, it's really easy to do it yourself just make sure you dont have a low tank of gas when you do it. I like to buy it and add it in at the gas station when it's half full then fill the rest up. Rotating your tires wouldnt be a bad idea either!

It sounds like you're a smart car owner (which is good), you're head is in the right place to maintain your Cadenza for a long period of time.
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