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One year anniversary

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I have owned my 2016 Cadenza Tech (4th Kia ) for almost one year and I am pleased to report that , except a little kerfuffle with the Sirius when I first bought the car . ( traffic in Canada will not work and if ordered and downloaded will make sirius inoperable) the Cadenza has worked flawlessly .I have only taken it in twice once for the 6 month and the other the 12 month service . The service was at no charge as both are covered under my bumper to bumper for 5 years . I have not noticed any interior or exterior issues or any issues reported on the is forum . I am one very happy Kia owner and will not rebadge this kia as I am proud of driving Cadenza.. That is not a judgement for those who rebadge just how I feel.
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Great to hear! Glad you're still enjoying your Cadenza!
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