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Normal Cruise Control for Cadenza 2015

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Hi All,

I have a new Cadenza 2015

I don't have the Adaptive Cruise Control option

So for normal cruise control option, should the car brake itself going down slopes when you cruise it on certain speed? or it is normal that it speeds up down the slope with more than 15 km/h?

Thankful for your opinion

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Is it wheel breaking, or is the tranny shifting to use the engine to slow (engine breaking)? That's probably normal, in that it will not allow the car to exceed speed on decline, and of course on incline it will accelerate to meet the set speed...
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Thanks MadMax for the reply

the problem is the car does NOT brake (whether wheel or engine)

so downside a slope it will not hold speed and will speed up!!

So what you think of this?

Note: Going up a ramp no worries it speeds up to hold on speed

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For my Cadenza (also a Premium) I feel is slow down on descent, I wouldn't say active braking but a definite slowing as to not go too fast. If the hill is too steep and the car cannot properly slow itself you should notice that you will go over speed but once you are off the hill and back on level ground once you hit the mark of your cruise speed it will maintain speed again. From what I know there is no active braking with most normal cars (non-radar upscale) and cruise. If you go above a certain speed above the cruise it may even turn off cruise and you have to re-enable it when you get closer to your mark again, just like if you were to floor it or brake you would have to reset cruise.
I live in Arizona and coming down the mountain from Flagstaff to Phoenix, the car will speed up on the really steep parts. I just put the gear shift over to the left and select 5th gear for the really steep parts. maintains the set speed and just put the shift lever back to the right to resume when it starts to level out. uses a little gas in a couple of spots but the engine breaking controls speed.
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