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No more kiatechinfo

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As of today there is no more kiatechinfo unless you pay for it.
The web site has said all along it would start charging us for tech info in 2015.
They now say that was a typo it is 10/17/2014
They just lost a KIA customer and I've had 5 kia's.
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Someone was trying to make a siterip just in case, was that you?
I knew it! I remember thinking, no way they would advertise this a year out, has to be a typo.

I managed to save a lot of the site last week - but not all. There was just too much to copy. The main thing I missed was the DTC code section, but I did get all of the disassembly instructions, and wiring/harness diagrams.
They told me I would have to reregister, but the site is down today.
I was out so couldn't copy any of the site.
When I purchased the Cadenza, one of the selling points was. online factory authorized manuals available at no charge. It is in the manual.
I'm calling to complain, suggest others do the same. They also sold me on the 10 year/ 100,000 mile warrenty. Are they going to stop that also.
I called the cadenza hotline and told them they can't do this. Part of the dealers selling point is free on line manuals and it says that in the manual page 8/13.
If they can change that they can stop the 10 year/ 100,00 mile warrenty .
I'm going to try and work with them, then file a class action suit, maybe $40,000.00 for every car they have sold.
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@gene: I agree. I'll call too.
Hope everyone calls.
If you check the manual it says it is free just like the roadside assistance , guess they will stop that and the warranties next. Just like I was sold a bill of goods with the map update, half the update they advertised wasn't there.
I checked the page too. Should we all call the hotline? I guess I will Monday.
Got a call from kia they are still checking into my kiatechinfo page complaint.
If enough people would call and say they are going to sue we might get access to the site for free if we were registered before.
They can change the site and charge new owners but most of us had the free access from our manual and should continue to receive it as part of our purchase of the cadenza.
I also complained on the site about the last minute change and got both a contact email and a followup phone call today. The rep stated that they are working on it because a lot of people are upset and complaining - keep that up! He assured me that they are working to reopen the site for Kia owners (well it sounded good on the phone) but there is no timetable. I got a promise that I would be contacted with updates. We'll see.
It was interesting that he mentioned that Kia is "trying" to fix it - like they are not the ones that broke it.
I do hope they bring it back - it is a great service to all owners.
Just received a call from Megan at KIA. Kia has reviewed my kiatechinfo complaint and says since in the front of the manual it says " All information contained in this Owner's manual is accurate at the time of publication. However, Kia reserves the right to make changes at any time so that our policy of continual product improvement can be carried out."
I then ask so you think you can just change other things in manual like 60,000 mile road side assistance if you want . Answer yes we can change that if we want.
So what they used as sellng points means nothing to them.
I'm going to file a complaint with the consumer protection board. Will let you know if I hear anything from them
I called the preferred customer line and expressed my displeasure with the loss of this resource. They have filed a formal complaint on my behalf, and are looking for ways to make it up to customers, either via printed manuals or via CDs.
I filed a complaint with the federal consumer protection agency, on line, against kia.
If they get a few complaints about them selling us the car with on line manuals then taking them away. maybe kia will act. I also complained about them selling me the uvo update with Pandora and my car zone advertised then saying it wasn't part of the update. I copied the original ad.
Don't think they need another several hundred million dollar fine right now, but they might get that if they keep screwing the customers.
Wish everyone would file a complaint, it is the only way the feds will act. One complaint isn't going to get it done
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