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new transmission for 2015 cadenza

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I see for the new 2015 model year cadenza, Kia will add a new 7 speed transmission.
1 st gear will be a slightly lower gear ratio, for better getup and go
7 th gear will be a higher gear ratio to improve fuel economy on the highway
Maybe 1-2 mpg but not much
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so no new paint colors.?? The current color selection is boring.
i doubt Gen IV Android system will be in it.. it's not in the K900
rear seat might fold flat, nothing big so far
You're kidding...a 7 speed :/
I thought they might go to the 8 speed kia has . But no it is a 7 speed.
It is also a dual dry clutch transmission
The latest on the 2015 transmission is, only the 6 speed for the USA version.
everybody knows kia makes different versions of the cadenza, different countries
get different add-ons and features.
No 7 speed for us at this time
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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