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New to me Cadenza SXL questions

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I recently purchased new to me 2014 Cadenza SXL with 4K miles, build date 5/2013. I noticed it doesn't say KIA on it only the K logo.. Did early Korean build SXL come from the factory (or dealer add-on) with K logos or did someone change them after delivery. I'm surprised someone would do it for the 10 months and 4K they had it...

Three questions/observations looking for other owners thoughts:

1 - Anybody find a way to open sunroof while keeping the sunscreen only partially opened - seems like it is an all or nothing setting and I would love to just tilt the sunroof and keep sunscreen open just a little..

2 - Radio seems to increase volume a little by itself when going from idle to power. I have the auto volume setting turned off but it still does it at least a little - anybody have that issue ? Only a minor annoyance...

3 - Tranny shift from first to second seems just a touch "jerky" as compared to all the other gears which are silky smooth...

Thanks in advance - I test drove a lot of cars (Acura, Audi, MB, BMW) and really enjoy the Cadenza.. New TLX V6 was my second choice..

Unfortunately I do not have the passenger cooled seat...
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Welcome to the Cadenza Forums.

Yes we do sell the K emblems on our site.

That's pretty neat yours came with them already.

Let us know if you have any questions we can help out with.

Do you have a better picture of the white one? The site had a weird watermark in it...
I apologize, but we do not have these emblems available for sale in white, we soon will be offering the white vinyl inserts. However at this time, the emblems are only available in black, carbon fiber, red wine, and sea blue colors.

Sorry for any confusion.
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