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New Owner - White with Gray Leather

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Just picked up the Limited today. I know I am going to love the car and will be looking forward to learning more about it through this forum.
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Welcome! I'm sure you'll love it even more than you think, I know I do. You'll find lots of information about the car on here, as well as some new mods going on. (Check out Yooshaws LED DRL mod hes working on)
A few months back I made a thread titled something similar to 'Small things about your car that you love' that may interest you. It has some things in there that are less noticeable right away that you may like and find when you read. Several of us found new things in that thread. Hope you like your new car.

Here it is:
Hey guys - thanks for info. I will check it out.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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