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Hi All,

My name is Fred and my wife is new owner of a Platinum Graphite SXL with gray nappa interior. It was $43,325 and after dealer installed addon's it listed for $46k. After some back and forth thru email we were able to get it for $34.5k. She's had the car for a month now and just loves the look, feel and the way it drives. I just wish the steering feel was a little tighter as it just feels a little to loose for me. So far with all city driving she has been averaging around 21.5 to 22mpg which is much better than I was expecting. Here's the break down of the features.

Factory installed:
Rear bumper Applique
Cargo net
First aid kit

Dealer installed:
Splash guards
Wheel locks
Deep solar window tint
Rear spoiler
Brake stop plus brake light kit
Hand painted pin stripe

My mods:
K emblems
Overflow hose mod
Electromagnetic front parking sensor (pending install)


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Congrats and welcome! Would love to see some pictures, especially of the spoiler. I haven't seen any pics of a Cadenza with one installed. Is it a factory unit (I haven't seen a factory unit either, lol)?

Also, what's the front parking sensor about - aftermarket unit? Any link to the kit, I'd be interested in looking at it and getting any feedback from you after it is installed.

Congrats on your purchase again, you got a great deal!
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