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Looking forward to being part of the Kia Cadenza group. I am actually coming from a Honda/Acura family. I had 2 Acura Integra GS-R, 1 1998 Honda Civic SI Hatchback, and a 2004 Acura TSX 6-speed.

I believe Kia/Hyundai are now at the top of the game in the automotive world producing top quality produces as Honda/Toyota did back in the 90's/2000's.

I currently have a 2014 Premium model and have purchased a set of 17" alloy wheels for snow tires. I have already done some research and looking into a set of Michelin Pilot Super Sport with maybe a set of 19" O.Z. Ultraleggera HLT Matte Graphite Silver to replace the stock 19" wheels once the tires are worn out.

The best part is the Cadenza in my area is very unique and people can't believe Kia builds such a great looking and driving car.:D


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Welcome to the community and congrats on getting your new Cadenza.

Please let us know if there is anything we can help you find.

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Welcome to the forum, you can search almost any question you might have. Post a question and someone will usually answer
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Thanks for the welcomes

Thank you for the welcomes and I will be asking away once I need some info.

The site is great.

I am finally getting my dealership to update my Navigation software as Kia (Mysoft) confirmed its 2 yrs old. I just wished they did it at delivery to save me but they didn't know. The car was only 3 weeks old.

They will pay for the one upgrade.
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Please let us know how she drives with snow treads. I recently put on a set of General Altimax Arctics on 17" rims and the steering is much looser. I don't like the feel of it at all. Had alignment done (it was off) but this did not help at all.

Has anyone looked into tightening up the steering via a software edit. I remember reading that this was possible, but don't know if anyone actually had it done.
Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy your stay
Congratulations on the new purchase!

Being honest, my heart still has a soft spot for the LS chassis. If I could build an 01 LS with a B20frank, I'd be a happy camper. One of the first affordable cars I set my eyes on but never purchased.

Have fun with the Cadenza and if you need anything, feel free to ask!

I have PSS on my Gen. Funny thing that most people don't know is that the PSS were based on rain compound tires and although a "UHP - Ultra High Performance Summer Tire" they're AMAZING in the wet as well!
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