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New K7 Emblem Installed

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Just installed the new emblem on my 2014 Cadenza, as well as an America flag on the grill. Pretty happy with the result. What do you think? :nerd


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PS: for those that don't know, Cadenza is called K7 in the Asia market...
really interesting emblem; haven't seen that one. I think I really like it; what vendor is it from? thanks for posting!
Yes sir, thank you for like it... It caught my eyes the second I saw them. I spent a while searching for this emblem on Ebay, Amazon but all I saw was the "M" shape or the "<" thing, but long story short, I bought this emblem from, which is like the Chinese version of Ebay/Amazon... I don't think this site can display English, but I'm sure one of those vendors on Ebay/Amazon will catch on soon and start selling them...
It appears to be the Genesis Logo w/ K7 in the center.

Looks clean...

Did anyone else know the Cadenza is also called the K7? :O

Haha, just messin' with you. Clean car!
That's definitely different.

I think it looks a lot like the Genesis though IMHO.

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Dont like it; it'd look much better IMO without the circle around the emblem.
Curious. What size are your front and rear emblems (inches, not mm or cm)? Thanks!
Curious. What size are your front and rear emblems (inches, not mm or cm)? Thanks!
All of the different emblems made are the same size for the Cadenza: 4.3" x 2.20" inches
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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