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Neoprene pad in door pockets

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I've had the car a month now, still can't store anything in the doors because every stop and go things would slide around and annoy the **** out of me. Kept looking for a solution, decided I'd shoot from the hip with this stuff. It arrives this week, hopefully by Friday, ill let ya all know how it goes.
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Such a simple upgrade...but man does it make a difference. I can now used the door pockets and not hear my junk around every turn stop/start!

Rear doors worked pretty easy, just went with 2.5 inches wide by 13. Tapered it a little once it was dry fit, and boom in it went.

Fronts were a lot more of a challenge, as I recall 3.5 X 18 roughly, so that really only gave me option for 3 pieces from the roll, or I'd be forced to break it up, which I wanted to avoid. So dry fit, line up the cup holder, opened up the slits, and it actually worked out really nicely. Ended up getting both sides done without mistakes.

I tell ya, they use way too much armoral on the car when detailing at the dealership. I had to use some 409 to clean the inside of the door or the adhesive would not have stuck. To be honest, that prep was the hardest part of the job...
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